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About project

About Project

New Tariffs – principle of openness

Principle of openness of New Tariffs means: 

  • Availability of base (and other) rates and tariffs for individuals, companies and organizations, businesses, mass media, etc.
  • Ability to get any kind of advice concerning tariffs and rates.
  • Reputation of reliable, qualified and thorough information source.

New Tariffs: regular publications and daily renewal

Taking into consideration unpopular reformation measures accompanied by rates increase, complexity of rate-making and innumerable speculative comments, it is important to stick up to the principle of regular and broad coverage of the topic. New Tariffs is the realization of this principle. We fully cover vital and actual themes on rates and tariffs.

New Tariffs – regions and massive exposure of information

Creation of information spaces in Russian regions which would consider local peculiarities of tariff policies is on of the primary goals. This will allow improvement of the tariff sphere operation across the Russian Federation. The best prove of this is the quantity and quality of the New Tariffs’ audience which is the witness of importance of information about this theme.

Preclusiveness – publication of materials on new tariffs and rates in advance

At present, the work in the field of informing about rate regulation is frequently delayed and outdated. Lack of information awareness among people (especially on the threshold of rates increase) provokes different political speculations, social discontent, and disbelief to government. Thereby, it is vitally important to establish forehand, preclusive information work in the sphere of rate settings.

New Tariffs – independence of mass-media

Freedom of speech in the sphere of rates policy should be considered not only in the context of human rights and political liberties. Freedom of speech, freedom of information, freedom to comment government and business community actions are the integral part of the progressive economic development. Mass medium New Tariffs is capable to increase transparency of the rates policy through reduction of the existent asymmetry in information awareness of authorities, citizens, and private institutions.